Well we're all know the Spin-off to Phineas and Ferb is about the Firesid Girls.Well what I gott'e say about this is idea is not the best idea beause the fireside girls already play a big role on most episodes on show.We see them helping Phineas and Ferb with they big plans.I got resons why its a bad idea becuse a spin-off about the fireside girls would need new characthers and some Cameo chacthers from the show that its spin -off and its got be different from Phineas and ferb. I also think the Firesisde Girls was not the best choice for a spin-off,I would like to see Baljeet got a spin-off where he and his family moves away from Danville and go to a new town.Where he meets new and old friends.But a spin-Off its not the best way ot go,But I think its time Dan and Jeff make a another show thats haves nothing to do with Phineas and Ferb.You know different characthers,different storys and a diferent town.Maybe its could be about two best friends(so its can be different from Phineas and Ferb)They could live in town thats named after Jeff swarmy,maybe could be called MarshVille or maybe Marshtown. so prost what you think about this.and whats better a spin-off or another show made by same the people. Or prost what character would you wish got the show.

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