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Do You Think Katie Caddie deserves her own Phineas and Ferb Wiki article?

Dear Members of The Phineas and Ferb Wiki,

I Know That I've Tried to compare the "Katie Caddy" character from "She's the Mayor" with "Judy Jetson" of the Hanna-Barbera fame but, there was a "Rumor" about Katie Caddie so,..

...Do You Think that "Katie Caddie" from "She's the Mayor" deserves her own Wiki Article with Pictures and Character Design Notes?

P.S., This is Michael Igafo-Te'o -- a.k.a. BancyToonGeek1994 of BancyTOON Wiki -- saying that I'm The 20-Year Old Animator with Autism that made his one-shot TV debut in a TV short for Disney Channel entitled "The Time I... Realized My Brother was Different" back in 2009 as I was already in 9th Grade at Jackson High School before Graduating in 2013 --

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