Hello Folks and welcome to the Blog of Bob, I realized I pissed people off before, I hope you know that was the intent, now for some more observations from everyone's least favorite self proclaimed random guy.

At first glance Baljeet is nothing more then the Smart Guy of P & F's Five Man Band. Despite the overall intellegence of everyone on the show, Baljeet is the one considered the nerd, but you know what they say, nerd's can get the girls sometimes. Baljeet's first love interest was Mishti, his childhood friend, the Temple of Sap revealed that Baljeet is also the love interest of Ginger(possibly Stacy's sister not confirmed). In addition Baljeet has been shown to kiss Wendy under the mistletoe, and rush the table to have a candlelit dinner with Isabella which would seem to imply possible affection for both.

this is the Baljeet romance situation:

Isabella-Mutual friends, any affection shown involving this pair would be one-sided due to Isabella's own infatuation with Phineas Ginger(asian fireside girl)-Confirmed affection towards Baljeet, whether Baljeet recipricates or not has yet to be shown Mishti-Childhood friend, appears not to want a romantic relationship with Baljeet, Baljeet's preferred relationship Wendy-Not much is known since this special hasn't aired however this is the first physical affection Baljeet has shown

Verdict: despite being in Elementary School and Katie and Milly mocking Ginger for her feelings, Jeet appears to be Danville's resident ladies man. Thus leading to my opinion that Katie and Milly were trying to make Ginger feel bad so they could have Baljeet for themselves. What cruel little girls huh. While this may seem like a recent trend of Dan and Jeff, The Flying Fishmonger episode show's Baljeet willing to dress like a fish to gain attention. Is baljeet truely the timid nerd Buford picks on or a slumbering casanova with a future of heartbroken girls in his wake, probably the former, but with Phineas and Ferb I guess you never really know

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