Greetings my fellow Phinatics, and welcome to the Blog of Bob, for those who care, this is where I will complain about the fandom, enjoy.

Popular fan theory has long dictated that Gretchen, the fireside girl with glasses, has a crush on everyone's favorite Green Haired prodigy, Ferb Fletcher. Considering on-screen this has never remotely been implied on-screen, I am left with the presumption this is strictly due to her early on-screen name confirmation. You see while her name was spoken all the way back in The Fast and the Phineas, the other 5 fireside girls didn't start having names revealed until over a year later. Considering the amount of Fan-fiction written about Phineas and Ferb, it is thus my hypothesis that early fanfiction writers paired Ferb with Gretchen not out of any sort of on-screen chemestry but because they knew her name. The only fireside girls who are confirmed to hold feelings for any members of the cast are Isabella's devotion to Phineas, Ginger's recently revealed crush on Baljeet and technically speaking Candace's relationship with Jeremy. If a future episode shows any affection from either perspective then I will change my stance, however at the moment any talk of a secret love between the pair is something that strangely infuriates me.

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