We here at Phineas and Ferb wikia are ready to try new things. Based on Total Drama Island Wikia, i have started a editing competition. It is called Top Editor and here is how it works.


1. During any given week there are 2 rounds.

2.During the weekend, Users try to get as many edits as possible to gain safety.

3.During the following week after, The worst editors compete to stay alive, lowest number of edits during that week is elimanated.

4.There are no returns in the game.

5.Comments although do count as edits.

6.Edits reverses do not count.

7.No "fluff' editing (that means no constant editing on 1 page at 1 time for minor reasons)

8.Nothing the wikia won't approve.

9.I have the final call.

10.Have fun.

We are going to split up to 3 teams of 2. Sign ups below. please list user name and number of current edits.

Team Ferb

1. Moo-Moo of Doom


Team Phineas

1. Team Doofenshmirtz

2. The Regurgitator

Team Perry

1. Agent Goldfish

2. Pineco7

I need numbers of current edits from each player. To make the game longer, Competetions are 2 weeks long elimanations are 3 strikes. BTW people are still open for sign-ups for 2 more weeks for 3 last spot if we can get more people.

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