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January 1, 2010
  • Bowser101

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    April 3, 2010 by Bowser101

    I must insist that this place is actually a lot cooler than it sounds. not to say that blogs should be removed, but you should all come. check it out.

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  • Bowser101

    this is what all of you people look like when you're having those stupid shipping wars!!!!!


    Bowserstar=me warring against robots

    Koopadroid, Goombot, and Buzzybot=Robots created specifically for this purpose

    Bowserstar: Baljinger is better

    Koopadroid: No! Baljishti RULEZ!!

    Bowserstar: Mishti lives in India! how are they supposed to make that work???

    Koopadroid: Haven't you ever heard of long distance relationships???

    Bowserstar: Not in 10-year-olds!!!

    Goombot: Hate to break it to you, guys, but Baljeet likes Wendy.

    Koopadroid and Bowserstar simultaneously: NO HE DOES NOT!!!

    Goombot: Yes he does, he kissed he under the missletoe.

    Buzzybot: He also ran "like a crazed bull" to a romantic dinner with Isabella.

    Bowserstar, Koopadroid, and Goombot simult…

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  • Bowser101

    Whatcha answerin'?

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