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  • Buunak Peabody

    First of all, I wanna thank all of you(on here AND Twitter) for supporting this idea and trying to get it trending on Twitter!

    User blog:Buunak_Peabody/Just_a_Little_Idea..._Whatcha_Say?

    5 years ago today, Phineas and Ferb premiered in the US with the pilot episode Rollercoaster

    Since then, the series has spawned 3 seasons, a movie, a talk show spin-off series not to mention video games, phone apps and several other instances of merch. There is also a live-action/animated theatracial movie and season 4 in the works

    Happy Phineas and Ferb Day!

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  • Buunak Peabody

    So, as some of you might know in chat, I've been celebrating Black Eyed Peas day; A day Peabodies(like me) celebrate how awesome the Peas are. It is also the anniversary of their first album, Behind The Front.

    So, here's the idea:

    I was thinking that maybe we should celebrate Phineas and Ferb day on August 27th 17th, the day P&F premiered in the US, celebrated the same way BEP Day is.

    So, Whatcha think?

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  • Buunak Peabody

    Could someone PLEASE tell me why the chat isn't working correctly? I see other people are getting into it fine but when I click it, the window opens and there's an empty users bar and messages aren't coming up. Could someone please help me?

    Blame It On The Beat, don't blame it on me! 15:32, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

    UPDATE: Nevermind! Things are working properly again!

    --I got that Boom Boom Pow, them chickens jackin' my style! 12:55, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Buunak Peabody

    Ten days to go till my First Week Of Summer Icon Vote!

    Details are here: User blog:Buunak/Upcoming Vote!

    Here are the pics!

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  • Buunak Peabody

    Upcoming Vote!

    April 30, 2012 by Buunak Peabody

    I'm sure most of you already know about my weekly icon-changes. If you didn't know that, well baby now you know now! (Sorry, really wanted to use that BEP quote!) Well, since this is Phineas and Ferb Wiki, and P&F is mainly about summer, YOU can vote for my first icon of the summer (my summer hols anyway!)!

    If you have requests, feel free to post them in comments. Voting will open last week of May!

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