So, at one point or another in this strange little world we dedicate our lives (okay, maybe not that. Or maybe so, for some of you) we call Wikia, somebody actually bothered to compile all the errors of all the P&F episodes onto one Big Fat Error Page. No, it's not really called that, I'm just being overly dramatic.

Trouble is, many people only realized the existence of this page maybe around, oh say, yesterday? Which isn't a huge problem, other than the fact that people were adding errors to the actual episode pages, but not the Errors page. When I saw this yesterday, I felt a horribly powerful compulsion to fix it. And fix it I did (mostly so, anyways). Yeah, there might be some stuff I missed, like grammar, or I missed an error here or there, but I got MOST of it done, okay? Haha. It took HOURS, and the work was so tedious that I only got through all of Season One and some of Season Two before I was like, OKAY! BREAK TIME FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY!. I just about finished the rest of it this morning, I think, but yes, there may be some grammar errors or other things I missed. So, feel free to correct any of that, people...

Anyway, the point of this is not for me to relate how courageous I was to undertake this mind-numbing, tedious task. The point is to politely ask y'all to, when editing errors on either an episode page or on the Errors page, get both the episode page and the errors page. Please? Just so some poor sap doesn't have to do what I did all over again. It sure would mean a lot to me! So, thank you for reading and hopefully following my request. Until next time... Chicfreak123 is out! PEACE!

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