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  • I live in America
  • My occupation is artist and designer
  • I am non-binary
  • CoinsCP

    There's two different types of production codes, and most of people on these wikis don't seem to know that. One type isn't even technically production codes *most, not all

    This is much more fairly common with the 11-minute cartoons than 22-minute ones like Gravity Falls or Kim Possible, because there's a production code that you guys seem to find much easier that combines two 11-minutes into a half-hour. This is a more common version and is often used more than the real production codes.

    What are the real production codes? 11-minute shows are produced separately, not together. I don't know the actual order thanks to the wiki not using them (either that or there being not enough "proof" for them since they are usually only found via storyboard…

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  • CoinsCP

    Message Wall

    July 31, 2012 by CoinsCP

    Guys, there's something wrong with the message wall. I keep getting a notification on other wikis that I have a message here but I find out it's on another's message wall, not mine. It's annoying me. Someone should fix this.

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