I know some people have probably wrote a blog just to tell everyone theyre new, so I'm just going to add onto that. First off, I would like to say that I don't want to be treated like an anonymous user (I have an account, people!), or someone who doesn't amount to much or would do much (I'm like a human-girl version of Perry in that sense). I haven't edited anything yet, but I promise I will. Oh, well. I ship everyone because I want to avoid shipping wars,though theyre probably the most fun of any wars out there, especially wars on which show is better. Which leads me to another point. Im a fan of many things, but what really ticks me off is when a certain group of people (fans of one show who think it the greatest show)says their favorite show is better than another show that another group of people are fans of (I think you could call the haters Spongeheads and the other group us). I really don't want to see much bashing of characters, either. Let's all live in a super happy world on this wiki. Okay, that sounded too cheerful, why not just keep arguments from going to far (like it could).

I hope I didn't sound like I was 7 or even 10, 11, or 12. I'm 14. No, seriously, I'm 14, I hate when people lie about their age sometimes, it makes other people think someone could be lying about their age. I won't reveal where I live though, that's classified information and not really important. I will tell you that I am currently not living in Danville or visiting it, though I really want to, as well as many other fictional (sob) places. I hope I didn't sound too girly or too tomboyish or too dorky/geeky, assuming anyone would read what people write and immediatly know what that person is like in real life like I do sometimes. Meaning I'm always watching you. Oh, and I can never stop running my mouth or stop writing/typing when asked an interesting question or to prove a point, so you're probably see a lot of me whenever there's a point to be proved. That's it, I guess.

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