Irving's present: Phineas and Ferb's daily clothes?

Baljeet's new love interest

Wendy? Who is this? Baljeet's sister? Or just friends?

Baljeet kisses Wendy, part 2 - cropped

Now that's disgusting


We're gonna save Christmas!


Careful, Baljeet, it's hard to have two girls!



If you've ever think there will be a Ferbtacular season 3 coming and Phineas and Ferb's school days... believe me, that's the kind of big fan. And if you are thrilled by two of the Christmas special commercial..and if you ever realized that this show is one of the "must of the must" seen cartoons in the world and you can't resist any single episode...then you are not patient...for...the Christmas Special! Say what you think will happen to Phineas and Ferb! (Note: If you want to talk religious things, im not Christian)

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