1. There's A Platypus Controlling Me vs Spa Day

2. A-G-L-E-T vs Come Home, Perry

3. Summer Belongs To You! vs Gimme A Grade

4. Summer (Where Do We Begin?) vs Not Knowing Where You're Going

5. Brand New Best Friend vs Big Honkin' Hole In My Heart

6. Carpe Diem vs City of Love

7. I'm Me vs Aerial Area Rug

8. Candace Party vs Everything's Better With Perry

1. Winner 1 vs Winner 8

2. Winner 2 vs Winner 7

3. Winner 3 vs Winner 6

4. Winner 4 vs Winner 5

1. Winner 1 vs Winner 4

2. Winner 2 vs Winner 3

1. Winner 1 vs Winner 2

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