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  • FerbFlecher151

    Well, thanks to the power of On-Demand, I got a early look on the first 2 episodes of Season 4. So, how was it?

    Well, to talk about Season 4, I need to talk about the dissapointing Season 3. Yes, some episodes were good, like "My Fair Goalie" and the epic "Where's Perry?" 2-parter, but for the most part, Season 3 kinda sucked. I'm am happy to report though, that Season 4's first 2 episode are nothing short of spectacular.

    Several series milestones were set in these 2 episodes. Candace and Jeremy kiss for the first time in a non-special episode, Stacy and Ginger are revealed to be sisters (though this was revealed by Dan a while ago), Django and Coltrane are seen in non-cameo roles for the first time since Season 2, Phineas and Isabella's rel…

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  • FerbFlecher151

    Even P&F might not be albe to handle this.

    Earlier today, it was annouced by 20th Century Fox that the long-delayed and anticipated sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, titled The Wolverine, will be released on July 23, 2013, the same day as the P&F movie. It will also go up against the Dirty Dancing remake, which will probably do Footloose remake numbers.

    This is deadly for the P&F movie. The older crowd will ignore Phineas and Ferb and instead head to The Wolverine, severaly damaging its numbers. Despite Phineas and Ferb's mega huge fanbase, it is likely The Wolverine will top it at the box office.

    What do you think about this? Will it harm P&F? Or not do anything at all? Write what you think in the comments. As for me, I'm going to prepare …

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  • FerbFlecher151

    On Friday. at about 2:43 p.m., I was jumping for joy. Why? Because the feature film based off Phineas and Ferb finally has a writer!

    The writer in question is Micheal Arndt, who is the Academy Award winning screenplay writer who wrote Little Miss Sunshine, which won Best Picture, and Toy Story, which was nominated for Best Picture. Which means that the feature film will be nominated for Best Picture................. ok probably not, but we can dream, can't we?

    Anyways, I think Micheal Arndt is a good choice on Disney's and Dan & Swampy's part. And since the film is being co-produced with Mandaville Productions, who is doing The Muppets, good things seem to keep coming from these annoucements.

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  • FerbFlecher151

    Well, I've been thinking: what awards would ATSD win if it was nominated for a academy award? Well, I came with a list. Note, this is COMPLETELY opinion based. Be free to leave your opinions in the comments below.

    Awards won:

    Best Animated Feature

    Best Original Song (Kick It Up A Notch)

    Awards Nominated:

    Best Original Song (Summer (Where Do We Begin))

    Best Original Score

    Best Adapted Screenplay

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