Even P&F might not be albe to handle this.

Earlier today, it was annouced by 20th Century Fox that the long-delayed and anticipated sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, titled The Wolverine, will be released on July 23, 2013, the same day as the P&F movie. It will also go up against the Dirty Dancing remake, which will probably do Footloose remake numbers.

This is deadly for the P&F movie. The older crowd will ignore Phineas and Ferb and instead head to The Wolverine, severaly damaging its numbers. Despite Phineas and Ferb's mega huge fanbase, it is likely The Wolverine will top it at the box office.

What do you think about this? Will it harm P&F? Or not do anything at all? Write what you think in the comments. As for me, I'm going to prepare for 2 new episodes on Friday :D FerbFlecher151 is out! PEACE!

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