Well, thanks to the power of On-Demand, I got a early look on the first 2 episodes of Season 4. So, how was it?

Well, to talk about Season 4, I need to talk about the dissapointing Season 3. Yes, some episodes were good, like "My Fair Goalie" and the epic "Where's Perry?" 2-parter, but for the most part, Season 3 kinda sucked. I'm am happy to report though, that Season 4's first 2 episode are nothing short of spectacular.

Several series milestones were set in these 2 episodes. Candace and Jeremy kiss for the first time in a non-special episode, Stacy and Ginger are revealed to be sisters (though this was revealed by Dan a while ago), Django and Coltrane are seen in non-cameo roles for the first time since Season 2, Phineas and Isabella's relationship continues to be drifting the line between couple and friends, and it features a return to the winter themed episodes.

Holy cow. These 2 episodes were FANTASTIC. Every joke worked, every scene was important, character development has improved over the last season...

I'm expecting great things from Season 4. With these episodes as guidelines, this could be the best season yet.

P.S. - Gangnam style is in Happy New Year. My life is complete.

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