I told you guys I'd post about what we'd do today in my last post about Larry. He went home btw. So today Phineas and I reinacted a Wiley (or Wile E. if you prefer that) Coyote cartoon. Phineas made a pill that made him run really fast and I got to mess up my hair and use ACME traps:). After we got to the Danville Canyon, Phineas took one of his speed pills and I took one too. After chasing eachother for a while, I put down a few land mines and when Phineas ran over them the flew up in the air and landed on me hiding in my hiding spot :(. It took 15 minutes to wash off the ashes. I actually caught him a few times but Phineas protested and said, "Wiley never catches Road Runner, Ferb, so lemme go!" I hate it whenever Wiley can't catch that pesky lil Road Runner. Do you guys agree? Well, it's time for dinner (we're having pepperoni pizza--delish). Ferb out! MEEP MEEP!

-Ferb "E. Coyote" (Ferbius Fantasticus)

Copyright Ferblover 01:47, April 19, 2010 (UTC) 2010

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