Hey guys! Ferb here with an extremely important blog post! The topic is--dun dun dun da! What the cast is like when not filming a cartoon! I'm going to tell you about our dressing rooms, personalities, and other cool extras! Here we go! Our first topic we're going to discuss is what the characters are really like. Well for starters, Heinz is a really nice guy! For example, once Perry walked into his dressing room and fell asleep on his lap! Sometimes even after we're done filming for the day, he'll take us out for ice cream or dinner along with the other cast members! Phineas, as you may have guessed, gets a lot of fanmail and once he got squished by just trying to lift up one bag full of it! Candace isn't really mean to us. She's just following a script. She actually embarrases Phineas and I by calling us, "her favorite baby bros". Aw, shucks! Am I blushing? Heh heh. Isabella and Phineas actually have crushes on each other and so on and so on. If there's any other characters you want info on, just comment or write on my My Talk page! The next topic we're going to discuss is our dressing rooms. Mine has two couches in it, a mini fridge, signed posters of my favorite actors, an air hockey table, and an Nintendo Wii! Phineas's basically looks just like mine except he decorated his differently. He has a little bed for Perry in a corner, a bulletin board full of pictures of us building and through the years, and an X-box instead of a Wii. Perry has many luxeries of his own including: a heated platypus pool, a masuse table, a punching bag (to practice his stunts on), and a plasma flat-screen tv! Wow. Well, I'm getting pretty tired so I think I'm going to bed. Good night, guys! Ferb has left the building!  :)


Copyright Ferblover 02:01, April 26, 2010 (UTC) 2010

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