• Fireside Boy Troop1234

    Easy Round 1:7 Easy questions.

    1.What age is Candace?

    2.What Season Is The Episode Atlantis?

    3.Candace has a Crush on a Man Who is it?

    4.Lawrence married Lindana In What Month.

    5.Isabella has a fellow crush on a Boy who is it?

    6.What is Baljeet Nationality.

    7.What is Buford's Surname.

    Phineas and Ferb Triva:Hard 7 questions:

    1.Which Band Sang Breath?

    2.What Episode is Pretty Pink's Avatar please don't Cheat

    3.Derek Doofenson But You Can Call Me Somthing?

    4.Ginger Has A Crush On Baljeet What The Patch Did She Use a I just saw a Cute boy.B. I just a Nerdy Boy Badge.

    5.Which Season Did Phineas And Ferb Take.Hint Starts with Letter S.

    6.Did Jeremy Kissed Candace and Vice Verca.

    7.Ferb Latin is like a Parody of What Language?

    8.A. Wummer.B.Wring.C.Wautnm.


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