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Phineas and Ferb Triva Easy Or Hard

Easy Round 1:7 Easy questions.

1.What age is Candace?

2.What Season Is The Episode Atlantis?

3.Candace has a Crush on a Man Who is it?

4.Lawrence married Lindana In What Month.

5.Isabella has a fellow crush on a Boy who is it?

6.What is Baljeet Nationality.

7.What is Buford's Surname.

Phineas and Ferb Triva:Hard 7 questions:

1.Which Band Sang Breath?

2.What Episode is Pretty Pink's Avatar please don't Cheat

3.Derek Doofenson But You Can Call Me Somthing?

4.Ginger Has A Crush On Baljeet What The Patch Did She Use a I just saw a Cute boy.B. I just a Nerdy Boy Badge.

5.Which Season Did Phineas And Ferb Take.Hint Starts with Letter S.

6.Did Jeremy Kissed Candace and Vice Verca.

7.Ferb Latin is like a Parody of What Language?

8.A. Wummer.B.Wring.C.Wautnm.

9.S'Winter is it a Episode or A Song

10.Candace loves a band she tried to get ticket what band and Episode Was this?

11.Ferb Fletcher Had Mention Phineas at a Episode What Episode was it

12.Jeremy Sang A Song Please Tell The Song he Sang in Season 1,2,3.

13.Buford van Stomn is a (A)Bully.(B)Juvinille.(c) Nerd

14.Whats The difference Between Phineas Face at Season 2.

15.It A little Bit Easy Is Reginald A Boy Or A Girl.

16.What Quote Was This Episode In

"Lindana Flynn:Well Ok,Bye. "
— Phineas Flynn And Ferb Fletcher:Bye Mom.

17.What Episode Is This Quote From Its A Bit SIMPLE!

"Lady:Herman Are You taking a shower Herman:Yes Dear "
— Herman:Ohh Ohh It Burns.

Phineas And Ferb Triva Part Two Accounts.

1.Out Of Toon Is an Avatar I Know.

2.Hint Its Someone Who Has a Picture Of Ron Stoppable.

3.How Many Edits Does RRabbit Have

4.How many Edits Does Michelpacheo1 Have.

5.How long has michelpacheo1 in the wiki hint October 5. Im Just a bit late so im going to have to put 1 question in the account

Isabella:Good Luck.

Phineas:No Good Luck Conterbutors and Account People.

Ferb:Troop1234 Will Put 2 more Questions On Monday,Wedsday,Friday,Saturday.

Candace:Troop 1234 Will 3 Question On a Tuesday,Thursday, Sunday and 3 On a Holiday I will Let You Know.

"Troop1234:Good Luck! "
— {{{2}}}

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