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  • Flapjack18

    UPDATE: I just saw Phineas and Ferb Hawaii Vacation. It was pretty funny. Now we have to wait ANOTHER month!!


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  • Flapjack18

    What the heck do you think this will be about? It sounds pretty cool:

    (from the movie article)

    "The feature-length movie is another boon for the animated comedy which will also lead an all-summer 2010 initiative on Disney XD and Disney Channel, including an hour-long episode guest starring Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan."

    What could Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan be doing on Phineas and Ferb on an hour-long special unless it was totally EPIC??!!!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!

    Plus, and "all-summer 2010 initiative on Disney XD and Disney Channel" ... that sounds pretty cool, too! Summer 2010 is fast approaching, too. Let's hope for the best!!

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