'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, Fossy here! As some of you might recall, my very first blog post was that I had shown some pieces of P n' F fan art at my camp's talent show. Over half the comments were "Can I see them?" or "Could you post them?". Well, I couldn't then. But now, six months later, I have mannaged to capture photographs of these drawings and put them on the site. They can be viewed on my Userpage. I have three things to note: One, they are not in the correct order. It was originally "Major characters --> Minor Characters --> One appearance characters" but they were posted in fairly random order. Secondly, there are still plenty more, I just haven't put them on the site yet. I plan to do so at a later date. Thirdly, I need to give credit to my oldest sister (Yeah, the so-called-hater one) for helping me with the outlining. Thanks, sis!


UPDATE: All of my art that is currently on my computer is either here or on my userpage. Thanks so much for all the comments, guys! Love you all!!!

Here are some that are not yet on page:


I'm considering dressing up as her for Halloween, assuming my mom doesn't think I'm to old for it.


Anyone can look hot with a sunglasses tilt.


Sorry 'bout the smudges, it's graphite from the other page. At least it looks like a rugged scar.


I wanted to kinda counteract his usual super-nerdy self. You can tell me if I did well.


Finally, the one I promised on Ultimate's blog.


One of my favorite songs ever!


Don't tell me this didn't make you laugh ;)


Took forever to color in the background.


Phin x Izzy forever!!


Perry luvs <3


If you're wondering why Busting Candace's face is blotchy, it's because I tried and failed to make her face red.


I think this one turned out best out of all of them. You like?


"...almost as if...there are some very good friends on this Wiki!"


Phineas looks mental, but otherwise it turned out okay.


Drawing her hands was a nightmare. But it was worth it. :)


If you can't read the words, it some of the lyrics from "Little Brothers".


This scene was epic. Epic, I tell you.


And finally, the moment I was waiting on for two seasons.

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