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  • Generation X Storm Guardian

    Hey everyone! Last week, I was able to go to Epcot. Having heard about Agent P's World Showcase Adventure on this wiki, I decided to try it. It was really fantastic. I did the missions in France, Norway, United Kingdom, and Japan. All you have to do is stop at a World Showcase Adventure booth, register yourself, take a F.O.N.E., and go! A nice feature about these missions is that after completing one adventure, you have the choice to either select a new country's mission or deposit your F.O.N.E. in a marked dropoff box. By the way, don't freak out when you select a new mission and your F.O.N.E. reboots. Once it finishes starting up, your new mission will be ready for you to take on!

    For anyone going to (or planning to go to) Epcot, I've com…

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