Green Ninja

aka Dylan

  • I live in Massachusetts (USA).
  • I was born on September 14
  • My occupation is person.
  • I am awesome.
  • Green Ninja

    ɐɾuıN uǝǝɹפ (talk) 22:30, July 23, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Green Ninja

    Hello everyone.

    We are in dire need of help from everyone on this wiki, and anyone who receives this message. There is a website called LEGO CUUSOO. You can submit an idea for a new product or theme. If 10,000 people vote for it, it stands a chance of being an actual LEGO product. I know that a lot of people would love to see a LEGO tribute to Phineas and Ferb, and this is exactly what my blog is for.

    My good friend on that website, AwesomeEthan, has a Phineas and Ferb project on there with 1,500 supporters. That is only about 1/6 of the amount of supporters we need for this to become a reality. LEGO already has a Disney license partnership, so that is settled. There is good models based on episodes and inventions, and even some very profess…

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