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    First of all:

    I made a new video!

    This is my announcement from my profile:

    "2.) This is a homemade for-fun promo I did the other day for the movie. It's alot better than the Ferb tribute. Even with a cruddy program like windows movie maker (never use 'cause it sucks! But it's all I've got.) , I've still improved in learning how to make a fairly good video. It looks pretty cool if you ask me, I'm not gonna lie ;) . Click here to watch! I invite anyone else who enjoys making videos for fun to also make a homemade promo/commercial thing! It would be fun! Maybe we could make some sort of contest out of it or something! But either way I wanna see your homemade promo! Send the link of your video to my talk page [[]]here. Peace!

    PS If you are not abl…

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