First of all:

I made a new video!

This is my announcement from my profile:

"2.) This is a homemade for-fun promo I did the other day for the movie. It's alot better than the Ferb tribute. Even with a cruddy program like windows movie maker (never use 'cause it sucks! But it's all I've got.) , I've still improved in learning how to make a fairly good video. It looks pretty cool if you ask me, I'm not gonna lie ;) . Click here to watch! I invite anyone else who enjoys making videos for fun to also make a homemade promo/commercial thing! It would be fun! Maybe we could make some sort of contest out of it or something! But either way I wanna see your homemade promo! Send the link of your video to my talk page [[]]here. Peace!

PS If you are not able to watch the video on the link above, try this one ---> "

If anyone is interested, see my talk page for more info and a place to share your creation here:


I've been trying to get some light shone on this subject for some help, but, well, yeah. Just read the latest entry from my talk page:

"Ummm, I know I haven't been on for a while, and my "My fanfic report (Tara Moves to Danville)" blog hasn't been edited at all in an even longer time, but how do I reactivate it? I did not appreciate that by the way. I'm not against having blogs become inactive, but some permission and consent from the user or even a notice of expiration would be nice. Anyway, if someone could help me to do that and let me know about any new rules, admin regulations, and new wiki format navigations I would be most grateful. I'm still not completely familliar with the new format yet, or even changes with the way things are being run. If I can't reactivate the blog, what can I do to keep the gist of it continually going and able to be there any time? I personally would like to be able to have control over my own blogs, I was suprised when I couldn't even post anything on my own blog. It dosen't seem to be a setting that I can turn on and off which is kinda concerning to me. Yeah, so thanks! =D

~TMTD progress updates~

I'll have to add a blog post about how the story is comming later and maybe even a few previews, but let's just say, I think the final outcome might be almost as long as "Finding Dad". Good stuff, good stuff. So far I have the beginning done and the ending done, now I just need to connect the two with story in the middle. Yes, I haven't abandoned Tara Moves to Danville. Even when it's done though, I will still need to edit it and do any final proof reading before I post the final story on and the fanon. But still, I am still not sure when it will be released. In hindsigtht, I should probably finish a story before I start advertising. Oh well, live and learn.^^ I think it's gonna be well worth the wait (especially for you hardcore romantics out there), just be patient. PEACE! ILovePhineasAndFerb =) 23:58, June 29, 2011 (UTC) "

That was from last month, but because it was on my talk page, no one really knew about it. I think the best way to have info set out and seen is through the blogs. That's where everyone goes to first.


Please don't delete my Hunger Games userboxes! I didn't know if that would interfere with the rules or not, but I figured, if people can have the mon goose dog (gir from Invader Zim) boxes, then I could do that.

Well, technicly I guess this really isn't a whole lot of information given at a time. It all just felt really random, so I didn't know what to call it. Before I typed this up, I thought I had alot more that needed to be said, but I've probably have just gone blank. I will add comments of things on my mind as they come back to me I guess...

Oooh, I almost forgot. If you see my video and want to review it, here would be the place to do so as well.

peace! ILovePhineasAndFerb =) 06:38, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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