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    February 12, 2012 by IanPlaystationNerd

    here is a quiz

    1. what DID Candace say to Phineas when they were around the corner in Tree to Get Ready?

    2. is the feature film 2012 or 2013?

    3. how many times did Phineas and Isabella hug, kiss or make the other blush?

    4. how many times did Perry get lost longer than usual?

    5. how many times did Vivian appear in all?

    6. did Doofensmirtz frame Perry in Cheer Up Candace

    7. how many ants are there in Gi-Ants

    8. how many times did Pinocchio make a cameo?

    NOTE: for hateful remarks in question 1, violaters will be blocked for 1 month and have admin/crat rights on wikis where they have them removed.

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