• Ilmyyt

    I've been lazy, and I forgot all about putting in the voice actors of the Danish and Norwegian versions, so here they are:

    Danish Voices:

    Phineas: Oliver Ryborg

    Ferb: Carl Gustav-Weyde Andersen

    Candace: Sara Poulsen

    Isabella: Martine Hjele

    Dad: Martin Buch

    Mom: Louise Herbert

    Baljeet: Mathias Hartmann Niclasen

    Buford / Norm: Julian Theisgaard Kellerman

    Jeremy / Carl / Irving: Malte Milner Find

    Stacy: Annevig Schelde Ebbe

    Monogram: Peter Aude

    Doofenshmirtz: Allan Klie

    Norwegian Voices:

    Phineas: Ludvik Blunck

    Ferb: Erlend Sem Hartgen

    Candace: Siri Nilsen

    Isabella: Agnes Fasting

    Dad: Simen Sand

    Mom: Siv C. Klynderud

    Baljeet: Mikael Aksnes-Pehrson

    Buford: Julian H. Mæhlen

    Jeremy/Carl: Rasmus Skjegstad

    Irving: Jon Todal Sæbø

    Stacy: Hanne Dancke Arnesen

    Monogram / Norm: …

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  • Ilmyyt

    The stupid "translating-thing"

    September 26, 2011 by Ilmyyt

    Some days ago, I posted my Tweet, of when AT2D will premier, here in Scandinavia, it was September 10th, or something near that date, and here, today, I was watching DC (Sca.), when the amazing thing happend, - the real premier-date, was officialy, and finaly out, (October 14th).

    So here's a little question for you; why does it take from July 1st to October 14th to translate a movie? ...

    - I'm going to find out more, about this.


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