Inspired by Prettypink's quiz and Fireside Boy Troop1234's quiz.

Okay, let's get this thing started.

1- Who voices Isabella?

2- Which episode is this quote: "See, this is why I just go by Major!"?

3- Who said this quote: "Oh, excuse me, I forget my satchel."?

4- Which episode that Isabella got sad because Phineas was oblivious to her in the place they were in?

5- Which episode Holly is the only Fireside Girl aside from Isabella to appear?

6- Who are Ferb's cousins?

7- Of which girl Baljeet has an crush on?

8- What are the songs that Isabella sings about Phineas?

9- Why did Lawrence turn into a pop star in Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem?

10- Which episode is this quote: "Wow, we're chatty today, aren't we?"?

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