The account above has been termainted on Youtube due to Disney. This is the second time an account that did Phineas and Ferb episodes got busted, after BarlowGirl 101 January 19. Hopefully others can get episodes when they come out on demand. Interesting note:Both accounts were termainted on Wednesday.

On other news: I have videos that I made and uploaded to Youtube to show you while you digest this new news:

Set the Record Straight (full song)01:36

Set the Record Straight (full song)

Give Up (Full Song)-Phineas and Ferb02:04

Give Up (Full Song)-Phineas and Ferb

Isabella's Dad-Inator song (full version)00:51

Isabella's Dad-Inator song (full version)

Yellow Sidewalk(full song)01:16

Yellow Sidewalk(full song)

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