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3.055 million went "Meapless" in Seattle!

Friday's new Phineas and Ferb episode was watched by 3.055 million viewers[1], winning the most viewed program on Disney channel by a very slim whisker (1,000) to DocMcstuffins that day, as the two came at 21st and 22nd for the week for viewers. Only Family Guy (3.142 million, #17, winner for the 18-49 side, 11:30PM airing), and the Masters golf game (2nd Round, 4.053 million, #5, 3rd for the 18-49) were higher for the total ratings aomng total viewers on Friday. On the 18-49 side, it got a 0.4 rating, as did a rerun for the the ASTD movie, which got 2.696 million viewers.[2]

Let's see what happens with "Delivery of Destiny"/"Buford Confidential" on the 27th.


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