Fridays' episode of "Norm Unleashed" got 3.262 million viewers[1], winning 2nd place behind ANT Farm with 3.423 million viewers, and by a slim margin over Family Guy (3.256 million). It was a tie for 20th for 18-49 ratings (.5 rating). The programs it beat in total ratings at it's time were For Better Or Worse (2.013 million), American Pickers (1.801 million), DINERS, DRIVE INS & DIVES (1.118 million), WHALE WARS (963k), Say Yes to the Dress (1.365 million), GHOST ADVENTURES (891k), Flying Wild Alaska (1.058 million), and Hannity (2.099 million) - 8 shows in all.

Will add the top 25 when it comes tomorrow.



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