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DISCLAIMER: You know, what with the abrupt news of Season 3 and so forth, I completely forgot about the Kids' Choice Awards! Oy, silly me. Anyway, now we can vote, so you can stop by the official KCA site and pick PnF for Favorite Cartoon (hopefully they'll win this year!) and whatever other shows you want. Please remain civilized in your comment and don't go crazy like you did in Ryan Stoppable's blog, people. NO RUDE OR MEAN COMMENTS REGARDING PHINEAS AND FERB AND/OR OTHER SHOWS COMPETITING AGAINST THEM! (We are trying to keep the blog open past airdate, people!)

Ever since 1986, Nickelodeon has been holding an award show for... no, not adults. Not teens. Kids. Kids. Kids who never get to do anything. Kids who are always left behind while the elders go and vote for President or whatever. Kids who now have a say in what they want to win! What is this award show, you ask? It's... gulp... it's... the Kids' Choice Awards! Yaaaaay! Whoo! *clap clap cheer whistle* And this year, everyone's favorite show is back for the THIRD time! We've been beaten before, but this year, we'll take home the gold! Er... the orange blimp, I mean. Who's with me? (Audience cheers) So cast your vote at "", and this year, victory will belong to Phineas and Ferb!

Do you want PnF to win?

The poll was created at 19:12 on March 5, 2011, and so far 94 people voted.


Phineas and Ferb are browsing through channels on TV when they come upon Nickelodeon.

Announcer: The Kids Choice Awards airs on April 2, hosted by Jack Black! Cast your vote now!
Phineas: Hmm. Kids Choice Awards. Where have we heard that before?
Ferb: We were nominated for it last year. We lost to SpongeBob.
Phineas: Oh yeah! Well, at least we had fun.
The phone rings.
Phineas: (picks it up) Hello? Huh? Really? You sure? We are?! Oh thanks, Nick executive! See you there! (hangs up)
Ferb: Who was that?
Phineas: It was a Nickelodeon executive! We've been nominated again!
Ferb: Yes. Yes, we have.
Candace: (bursts into room) You've been nominated for an award! Oh, once Mom finds out, you are going down!
Phineas: Are you sure? You'd miss out on going to Los Angelos.
Candace: Los Angelos? You mean, in California? Where all the movie stars are?! Erm... heh, forget what I said. I've got to tell Stacy! (rushes to room)

Phineas: Cool. Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!
For further info, see Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!.

Phineas: *opens presents* I wonder what I got! *finds slip of paper* What's this?
Ferb: It's a paper stating that you got renominated for the Kids' Choice Awards this year.
Phineas: Really?! Wow! Thanks, guys! This is the best gift ever! I'm SURE we'll win this time!

Group hugs.

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