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Act Your Age

Act Your Age is the episode that Phinabella fans had been waiting to see for years. Throughout Phineas and Ferb, Isabella has always had a secret crush on Phineas and she's always been trying to get Phineas to notice this however Phineas was always oblivious to the fact that she "like, likes" him. The duet between Phineas and Isabella "What Might Have Been" is one of those song from the show that always gets me teary eyed because they are meant to be together and time is running out for them. The scene when Phineas enters the restaurant and Mrs Shapiro tells him that Isabella just left for college and he didn't get to say goodbye to her, you can see a visible look of fear on Phineas's face after finding out that Isabella had a crush on him but he was oblivious to that fact. Here's a thing that i'm going to note if someone reads this review, I'm a 19 Year Old male and I'm not afraid to admit that when Isabella and Phineas finally kissed for the first time, I actually started crying because it was a moment that many fans had been wanting to see for years and it was such a beautiful moment. Now Act Your Age is one of those episodes that i would consider to be a masterpiece and the reason that i consider it to be a masterpiece is because it is a very mature episode of Phineas and Ferb. I absolutely love this episode and i'd give it a 10.

Now this is one of those episodes that some fans could really like or really dislike. It all depends on if the viewer thinks that Phineas and Isabella should be a couple in the future or if they should just be friends. I personally think that they are a great couple and whenever Phineas was being oblivious to the fact that Isabella has a crush on him actually kind of annoyed me a little bit at times.

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