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  • Jessa The Random Phinbella Fan

    Hey its Jessa :-) ok so tomorrow marks the end of my 9 wonderful days of spring break BUT I'm actually looking forward to school tomorrow because its the 1st day of track and plus i just like school... ok so the reason i am creating this blog is so people have a chance to talk about random/funny/weird/cool/anything else that happens in school rather it be P&F realated or not :-) ok so i know its a day early as it is Sunday but you can post about stuff that has happened in the past at your school so

    Ciao for Now

    Jessa Reighann P.

    Jessa The Random Phinbella Fan 20:20, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

    (yes this is the exact copy from the Fanon one... i was to lazy to type it again

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  • Jessa The Random Phinbella Fan

    Wat'cha doin???!!!

    I'm Jessa The Random Phinbella fan but please just call me Jessa!!! Ok so a little bit about me!! I'm in Middle School and my whole school loves P&F!!!! At this time i have no Phineas and Ferb merchandice tear i wish i did though LOL!!! Ok so anyhow I just became a member today but i have been visting this Wiki frequently sence October its just today my parents FINALLY let me have an account, i also have a club penguin account (Agentp 1000) if any of ya'll have a CP account!!! I support Phinbella and Candermey!!! My favorite characters are Isabella Phineas and Perry, My fave episode is "The Beak" My fave P&F song is watching and waiting, My fave singer is Lady Gaga, My fave non-p&f song is "Viva la Vida by Coldplay" and "…

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