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Hi people!!

Wat'cha doin???!!!

I'm Jessa The Random Phinbella fan but please just call me Jessa!!! Ok so a little bit about me!! I'm in Middle School and my whole school loves P&F!!!! At this time i have no Phineas and Ferb merchandice tear i wish i did though LOL!!! Ok so anyhow I just became a member today but i have been visting this Wiki frequently sence October its just today my parents FINALLY let me have an account, i also have a club penguin account (Agentp 1000) if any of ya'll have a CP account!!! I support Phinbella and Candermey!!! My favorite characters are Isabella Phineas and Perry, My fave episode is "The Beak" My fave P&F song is watching and waiting, My fave singer is Lady Gaga, My fave non-p&f song is "Viva la Vida by Coldplay" and "More by Selena Gomez and the Scene"!!! I'm basicly a living Isabella i even were a bow every day!!! I write FanFics(witch will be on the P&F Fanon Wiki VERY soon i LOVE the new p&f fanon wiki look by the way), I also draw pictures but i dont have a scanner and my pics arent that good so they wont be posted!!! I look forward to talking to you all and also having a place that i can be my total P&F nerd self!!!! I do have a quick question though how do you change your avatar picture thingy thanks in advance LOL!!! Umm thats about it soo.....

Jessa is out PEACE

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