Jordan Eddy

aka Jordan the Other Human

  • I live in I AIN'T TELLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My occupation is a video-game character.
  • I am a 50 foot tall 2 headed goose who can't fly.
  • Jordan Eddy

    The Spin-off

    August 27, 2011 by Jordan Eddy

    You may have Read This Blog: ‘Phineas And Ferb’ Creators Sign Deals With Disney For Series, Feature, Potential Spinoff. If not, click the link. The Flynn/Flecher Bros. are getting a possible spin off! This Blog is to descuss what it will be. Coment!

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  • Jordan Eddy

    clips from P'n'F TM: At2D.

    (video is no longer available)

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