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  • KinHikari

    Another year, another BTVA Voice Acting Awards. So; without any further delay, here are the lucky nominees:


    Voice Actor of the Year

    • Fred Tatasciore

    Voice Actress of the Year

    • Grey DeLisle
    • Kari Wahlgren
    • Tara Strong


    Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series

    • Grey DeLisle as Vambre (Mighty Magiswords)
    • Kari Wahlgren as Mina (Bunnicula)
    • Tara Strong as Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 (2016))

    Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role

    • Fred Tatasciore as Saberhorn (Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015))

    Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role

    • Gwendoline Yeo as Shini (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012))
    • Kelly Hu as Karai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012))

    Best Female Vocal Perform…

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  • KinHikari

    It seems like I started a tradition on this wiki. Anyways.... It's that time of year again! So, without further delay, here are the nominees (and winners) for the 2015 BTVA Voice Acting Awards:

    Voice Actor of the Year

    • Tom Kenny ()

    Voice Actress of the Year

    • Kari Wahlgren ()

    Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series

    • Candi Milo as Goat (Pig Goat Banana Cricket) ()
    • Tara Strong as Penny (Inspector Gadget (2015))

    Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role

    • J.K. Simmons as Ford Pines (Gravity Falls) (; )
    • Liam O'Brien as Underbite (Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015))

    Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role

    • Corey Burton as Lord Grudgemunger (The 7D) ()
    • Paul Reubens as The Milkman (Penn Ze…
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  • KinHikari

    The bonus features on the I Know That Voice (IKTV) CD includes 16 additional interviews, 3 deleted scenes, the IKTV panel from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), and commentary with John DiMaggio, Lawrence Shapiro, and Tommy Reid.

    I started to watch the IKTV SDCC panel but stopped when I found out that it has some mild profanity. The commentary is most likely is for the documentary itself. The three deleted scenes are entitled "Getting Started", John DiMaggio: "The Meryl Streep of Voice Acting", and Chris Rock Animation (Part 2). The third one I really didn't care much for, but the other two were interesting. In my opinion, the highlight of the bonus features is the additional interviews. Five of them are voice acting tips and advice. It's …

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  • KinHikari

    It's time once again for the Behind the Voice Actors awards.

    "And now for something completely different...."

    Instead of having people voting for the various categories all at once, BTVA decided to have the voting for feature films and specials/DVD together this year. "What about video games?" you might ask. The answer is: The voting for video games has already closed. I didn't post a blog when the Video Games voting had started as none of the nominees in that category did voice work for Phineas and Ferb.

    (Note: Voting for Feature Films and Specials/DVD has been closed.)

    Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Feature Film

    • Allison Janney (Ms. Grunion; Mr. Peabody & Sherman)
    • Ariel Winter (Penny; Mr. Peabody & Sherman)

    Best Female Vocal Performance in…

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  • KinHikari

    It's that time again. Yes; the Fantasy Fiction Bracket Tournament is back, this time known as Battle of the Fantasy Foods. Thanks to Wikia staff member, Asnow89, the submitting of foods from Phineas and Ferb were a little easier to do this year.

    So, without further delay, here's the lucky food and its competitors for Round One:

    • Meap Carbonated Goulash vs. Chili Dog (Sonic) vs. Smile Dip (Gravity Falls) vs. Pitt Cola (Gravity Falls)

    Update (August 26, 2014): The results are Chili Dog (183), Smile Dip (510), Meap Carbonated Goulash (84), and Pitt Cola (113). Of the four, Chili Dog from the Sonic series and Smile Dip from Gravity Falls advances to Round Two. Thanks to those who voted for Meap Carbonated Goulash. On a side note, this blog will no longe…

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