It's that time again. Yes; the Fantasy Fiction Bracket Tournament is back, this time known as Battle of the Fantasy Foods. Thanks to Wikia staff member, Asnow89, the submitting of foods from Phineas and Ferb were a little easier to do this year.

So, without further delay, here's the lucky food and its competitors for Round One:

  • Meap Carbonated Goulash vs. Chili Dog (Sonic) vs. Smile Dip (Gravity Falls) vs. Pitt Cola (Gravity Falls)

Update (August 26, 2014): The results are Chili Dog (183), Smile Dip (510), Meap Carbonated Goulash (84), and Pitt Cola (113). Of the four, Chili Dog from the Sonic series and Smile Dip from Gravity Falls advances to Round Two. Thanks to those who voted for Meap Carbonated Goulash. On a side note, this blog will no longer be updated, but keep voting for your favorite foods and drinks on the Recipes Wiki.

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