The Recipes Wiki is hosting the Fantasy Food Fiction Bracket Tournament. Until August 26th, users submit nominations via a form for fictional food and beverages. First round voting will start August 27th.

Some examples for nomination: Sugar POW, Fruity Rainbow Flakes, Doonkelberry Cake

"Note: Nominate as many foods as you like, but make sure they strongly represent your community's iconic edibles and drinkables."

Update (9/17/2013): Suffice to say, both Doonkelberry Cake and Sugar POW are out of the tournament. Thanks to anyone who voted for them during the first three rounds.

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

  • Doonkelberry Cake vs. Flaming Fire Flakes (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Nectar (Percy Jackson) vs. Sugar POW

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