• Kittyfire

    Ferb Fletcher Day

    March 21, 2010 by Kittyfire

    This poll is being transferred from another blog to make it all official.

    The poll is to see when Ferb Fletcher Day should be. Yes, us Ferb fan-girls made this up. Deadline is April 13. After the votes have been decided, we will decide what we should do on the day, festivities and such. Here are all the people I've invited to be a big part of the group.

    Daisy56 (Randompnfnerd)


    Lost in Ferb-Land...


    Team Doofenshmirtz

    Disneygirl94 (possibly)


    Any other Ferb fan-girls (or guys) want to be a big part of the group, just ask. I may ask you a series of questions about him, just to be sure.

    So yeah, the choices for Ferb Fletcher Day is April 20 and June 5. There was another choice, but it's too close. After you submit your choice…

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  • Kittyfire

    Go ahead, ask me anything about Ferb Fletcher, since I am, of course, the ULTIMATE Ferb know-it-all! I swear to not look anything up such as lines and such. So please ask any question at all. It can't be anything made-up, fan-made, hasn't happened at all or anything like that. Must be real and seen before, researched, or even mentioned by Dan and Swampy. I will show you ALL, yes, I'm talking to everyone at this wonderful world of Phineas and Ferb, I'll show you my encyclopedic mind of Ferb Fletcher!!!

    Come on, we're both waiting.... Uh huh, that's right, I got him with me, too! In mah world!

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  • Kittyfire

    Who likes Biff the Fish?

    September 7, 2009 by Kittyfire

    My friend loves Biff for some odd reason. I was just wanting to see if anyone else likes him, too.

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