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No sign of new PnF on Demand or Youtube today! :(

You know how every friday the week before a new phineas and ferb epiode would air on demand or youtube. well, when I got home from school today, the first thing I did to enjoy my friday was to go on Disney channel on demand to see if the new phineas and ferb episode "ask a foolish question/Misperceived Monotreme" would be on demand. turns out to be that there was no sign of luck. so I went on youtube to see if it was uploaded and ready to go, but there was nothing there. :( sorry guys. looks like we're gonna have to wait til next friday, which is friday the 13th, to watch the new episodes. :( but hey, maybe they'll show the promo for PnF:AT2D. let's see and find out! :)

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