So, I kinda put together a 'music video' for the Perry the Platypus theme song extended version and I wasn't sure if ya'll might want to use it on the page? It's not bad, uh, here's the link:

I used mostly clips from youtube and did it on iMovie. This took about two hours and the whole time I was watching Equals Three and Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart so it's not exactly the best music video ever, but it's kinda fun to watch Perry being totally hoss. Some of the footage isn't great quality but I tried to get all HD clips. Conversion was thanks to Skysoft (watermark). The original music video (from One Good Scare Ought To Do It) was used in one part but I had to modify it somewhat.

Also, if these kind of blogs aren't allowed, feel free to close it. The last thing I want to do is cause trouble. I just wasn't sure if ya'll wanted a video to go along with the newly released extended song.

Thanks for your time:)

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