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Another production codes?

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I found a list of episodes send by Swampy Marsh to one of the P&F Wiki users on this Wiki:

There are production codes for 10-minute episodes. Should we add them to the Wiki?

In 2010 Swampy Marsh send me more alternative production codes:

  1. 236 Nerdy Dancing
  2. 237 Music Cliptacular
  3. 238 Picture This

In 2011 Jay Lender send me some codes from Season 3:

  1. 311 Doof Dynasty
  2. 318 The Tri-Stone Area
  3. 333 Remains of the Platypus
  4. 338 Minor Monogram
  5. 345 Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas Special
  6. 348 Meapless in Seattle

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