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  • Michelpacheo1


    January 3, 2012 by Michelpacheo1

    Congrats to the Admin of the and I offacily declared that :

    RRabbit42 for the Admin of the Year

    and the User of the Year is it has been a draw the users where Isabella vs TD So I use it in hat which the winner I declare is :

    Isabella And The Lego Liker for the User of the Year

    Thank You for the people who casted to vote for people

    and I will let Trolypac check to see how everyones is doing and He/She will tell who He/She picked and I will chosse them in 11 month time.

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  • Michelpacheo1

    Hello PNF Fans

    You will have to decied who is the Admin and the User of the year here are the Admin Nomines



    Ryan Stoppable

    Which one will you decied?

    Now time for the users


    Isabella and the Lego Liker




    Team Doofensmirtz

    Which one will you decied?

    If your one of these nomines please do note vote for yourself.

    --Im Lindana and I wanna have fun! 13:30, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

    Round One in Christmas Eve

    Round 2 End Vhristmas Day

    Final round 30th December

    For the Admins mostly all of it was for:




    So the winner for this years Admin of The Year is


    For the Users were:

    Isabella and the Lego Liker:11

    Phineas 10:4


    Team Doofensmirtz:1






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  • Michelpacheo1


    December 22, 2011 by Michelpacheo1

    I have decieded 8 songs and I want users to decied. FROM That blog post called Your Favourite song

    1.Summer Belongs to You

    2.City of Love

    3.Perry The platypus

    4.Whatcha Doin'

    5.Come Home Perry

    6.Got These Chains

    7.Me Myself & I

    8.Music Makes Us Better!.

    WHICH one will you Decide

    Im Lindana and I wanna have fun! 22:04, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Michelpacheo1

    Real Name

    January 18, 2011 by Michelpacheo1

    So Its been like 4 month's ive been here right so you might think my name is very weird.So This my secret.

    Now this is what Michelpacheo1 mean:

    Michel means Fan

    Pacheo means Isabella

    and No 1.

    This is Azerbijani so no people are commenting.

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  • Michelpacheo1

    Your Favourite Song

    December 28, 2010 by Michelpacheo1

    Hello Wikipedians

    Im Looking a song that would be great.

    It seems I can't choose a song.So Contributors and Users just tell your favourite song.

    1.Tell the Title.Who sang the song?And The Lyrics.

    2.Comment the song you like.

    3.You Paste the Song.Or write the whole words.

    4.If you don't like writing the song.Just tell me the song.(Only Users)

    5.This will end the 31st January.This Will Extend till 25th of Febuary.

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