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I'm back!

So, I'm finally back from my sleep-away camp. NEVER AGAIN. (Ughhh....) Anyway, I tried to make a fanfiction Phineas and Ferb story. I changed the Big Idea from chicken soup for a sick Isabella to an anti-gravity swimming pool. Also, I have predicted lines for the film. Thanks for the happy birthday messages.

Question O' Confusion and Weirdness: You have marked Prime Dr. D as a member of the Resistance. Why is that? Judging from "I've Got a Brand New Best Friend...And It's Me!", they both seem evil.

Also, I have an edit for the "Allusions" section of the film.

The place where anything is possible! Looking for a peaceful family getaway? Then come visit delightful Danville! We've got grass, milk, and smiles! So come to Danville, pretty please? 22:46, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

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