For a while now, we've heard about Walt Disney Studios's plans to turn Phineas and Ferb into a feature film. Although production has not yet started on the film, we can tell that Disney is now serious about it as they've already got a place for it on their schedule.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the studio had set their release schedule for 2013. The already-tumultuous adaptation of The Lone Ranger is set for a May release. Thor 2, a sequel to the "Mighty" Marvel Comics hero's film, was set for a summer release, but for whatever reason (perhaps because it would be odd for a film about two boys on summer vacation to be released in November?), it has been pushed back to the fall. Phineas and Ferb takes the hammer-swinging hero's place, and is set to be released to theaters on July 26, 2013.

With a little bit under two years to go until this date, anything can happen. But we've gotten to the point where the film has evolved from an idea to a date on a calendar. What's next is anybody's guess, but I'll keep you posted.

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