For those of us (if any) with super-disposable income (or perhaps alimony from our ex-wives we usually use for evil purposes), the Phineas and Ferb team have some special one-of-a-kind opportunities up for auction at Charity Folks, a website which offers unique Hollywood and Broadway experiences for auction in support of worthy causes. Proceeds will benefit the Alzheimer's Association.

The unique experiences up for auction include an original song "for any occasion" written for you by the songwriting team, a walk-on character designed in the likeness of your child, and a VIP tour which includes the opportunity "to sit in on a pitch, a voice record, see special screenings and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, including the big TV movie premiering next summer."

Most of us probably aren't able to afford an experience like this, but either way, kudos to the Phineas and Ferb team for giving back in a big way...but, then again, Phineas and Ferb themselves would do the same, wouldn't they?

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