Due to one of those random encounters and things, I ended up talking with Phineas and Ferb writer (and voice of Mandy in "Thaddeus and Thor") Aliki Grafft on Twitter. Besides giving a nice compliment to my personal blog and some of the P&F-related stuff I've written there and telling me she'd pass it along to Dan and Swampy and poking fun at the fact that she didn't realize her name was misspelled on the 60 Second Game Show until I pointed it out, she told me that Dan and Swampy have just finished the script for the Phineas and Ferb feature film. Apparently, the staff has no idea what to expect, since it was just them: "we are excited about it...we all know nothing about it either, so it will be a fun surprise! It's aaaallll D n S on this one! :)"


I was lucky enough to be able to have Ms. Grafft agree to do an e-mail interview for my blog. I'm going to think of some questions, but I'm going to also ask my friends and fellow Phineas and Ferb fans in my various online social circles to come up with some- and that includes all of you at the Wiki. So go ahead and submit your questions and I'll pick some of the best ones (within reason) to ask Aliki herself. I'll post a copy of the final interview here at the Wiki once it's done.

ADDENDUM SEPTEMBER 7: I'm getting a lot of good questions from a lot of people, but a number of the questions I'm getting I can't really use. I'm not sure if Aliki will be able to give us any hints as to what future episodes may entail, but I'm going to ask her. Also, I don't want any questions which are ideas or suggestions, since as a general rule TV shows aren't allowed to take suggestions for fear that a lawsuit could occur if an idea similar to one given to them actually ends up being used. The sort of questions I'm looking for are general ones about what it's like to be a writer/animator for Phineas and Ferb and her career in general. What do you want to know about what it's like to work for Phineas and Ferb or in the animation business in general? If you could ask someone from Phineas and Ferb what it's like to work on the show or specifics on what it entails, what would you ask them? This is your chance to do so. Let's get some really good questions from you for Aliki!

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