Just a little note on the holiday goings-on over at Disney Channel US as far as Phineas and Ferb are concerned...

Voting has begun for the Disney Channel New Years' Eve shindig (did anyone outside of stereotypical '50s teens ever really use the word "shindig" in a sentence?), which this year is being hosted by the cast of Disney Channel's newest series, Shake It Up (created by Chris Thompson, a former writer for Laverne & Shirley, thus creating a direct link besides similar tone to the Disney Channel tweencoms and the Milkis-Miller-Boyett empire that ruled ABC for so many years). Viewers are encouraged to vote online for their favorite out of four episodes of each Disney Channel show, as well as a miscellaneous category called "Laugh It Up." Phineas and Ferb- whose category, going with the naming style, is called "Bust It Up"- will be represented by either "The Beak" (erroneously listed on the site as "The Break"), "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation", "Nerds of a Feather", or "Wizard of Odd." A Phineas and Ferb episode- namely, "We Call It Maze/Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!"- is also one of the five miscellaneous episodes in the "Laugh It Up" category. If you wish to vote, you may do so right over here.

Also, Disney Channel has a holiday site up with some goodies, including a new gift that will be revealed every day, be it a video or a printable. The gift for December 3 was originally a printable Phineas figure with a Santa hat you could construct yourself, but that seems to have we nearly have 20 days until Christmas, I'm sure it will show up again as a future gift alongside some other goodies we haven't seen yet. There are also some games and activities- the Phineas and Ferb games "Gadget Golf" and "Transport-inators of Doooom!" have been given Christmas makeovers, and a new activity called "Winter Wonderland at Your Command" is there as well. This is an interactive winter scene with Phineas and Ferb, who will respond to various commands that are typed in, spoken, or chosen from a list with some little animations. The list has about 15 commands, but there appears to be more than that- "dance" is one not on the list they responded too, for example. (This may not work in some browsers- on my computer, for example, it doesn't work on my go-to browser, Google Chrome, but it does in Internet Explorer).

With all Phineas and Ferb have done this year, it's no surprise they're helping wrap it up in style, too...and who knows what the next year will bring?

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