Hey, Phineas. What'cha doin? Knowing Phineas, it's impossible to know, but I do know what his good friend Vincent Martella will be doing on Saturday- visiting his hometown of Rochester, New York to announce the Special Olympics Upstate Fall Classic. Mr. Martella will then be signing autographs for fans at Captain Tony's Pizza. Mr. Martella is quoted on Captain Tony's website as saying that it is "the only place for great pizza" and is such a fan that, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, "had it flown in to the set of Everybody Hates Chris, where it can be seen in at least eight episodes."

Official press release from Martella's company, Vin Man Enterprises:

"Vincent Martella will hold a free autograph signing at his favorite pizzeria, Captain Tony's Pizza. Vincent will be in town to MC for the Special Olympics Saturday morning, September 25, at a special event. Vincent is the youth Ambassador for the Special Olympics. Immediately after Vincent will go to Captain Tony's Pizza, 385 N. Winton Rd,. and sign autographs. Autograph signing will be 12 pm til 4 pm Saturday, September 25th.

Vincent Martella is the voice of Phineas on Disney’s record breaking, Emmy winning, show Phineas & Ferb! Vincent can be seen on another award winning show of his, Everybody Hates Chris, where he plays Greg, Chris Rock’s best friend.

Vincent Martella is one of the hottest young teens in Hollywood these days. On weekends Martella can be seen at the Grove in Los Angeles performing music classics from Billy Joel, Elton John and the Beatles. He juggles his shooting schedule, music and school--and makes it work.

The young Thesp has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category "Choice TV Sidekick." Everybody Hates Chris has earned Diversity, Family Friendly and Image Awards as well as nominations for People's Choice, the Golden Globe Awards and two Emmys. Martella and Phineas and Ferb have been nominated for seven Emmys and has won one Emmy."

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